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On Saturday 30th June around 30 young people, who have all been taking part in various climbing activities at OPEN, will attempt to climb the height of Mount Everest in one day. This huge undertaking will come to exactly 8848 meters, which tops their previous challenges, including last year’s successful attempt at climbing the height of the five tallest mountains in the UK and their 2016 challenge to climb the height of Mount Kilimanjaro.

To complete the challenge the climbers will be taking in turns to climb OPEN’s indoor climbing wall, the largest in Norfolk, an astounding total of 738 times in one day.

Dan Jeffrey, their instructor who came up with the idea for the challenge, says “I’m really proud of how much work the young people I work with have put into preparing for the challenge. It shows how much they appreciate the work that OPEN does and that they want to help other young people like themselves have great opportunities to succeed.”

All funds raised will go directly to OPEN to support our work with young people across Norfolk.

No dates are currently listed for this event. Please contact us if you know an upcoming date for this event.

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